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tinplate packaging benefits?


1.at present, the packaging of metal cans is recognized by the world as "the safest and most environmentally friendly products". because the tin material used in the metal cans packaging has good non-penetration and opacity, it can effectively prevent the contents from being oxidized by the light and prevent the ingress of contaminants, so it has safe, hygienic and healthy characteristics.

2.the tin is the most environmentally friendly container, because it can also be recycled, can be recycled, in line with the national environmental protection advocated by the call.

3.tinplate barrels have better barrier than any other material, resistance to hydrophilic, moisture resistance, shading, and good protection, coupled with reliable sealing, can reliably protect the goods.

4.tinplate barrels can be made in various shapes according to different requirements, such as square iron drum, oval iron drum, rods barrels, horseshoe, trapezoid, etc., not only contented with the packaging needs of different goods, but also make packaging containers more change.

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