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can iron cans be heated in a microwave oven?


microwave ovens for cooking, heating, drying and other functions are widely used in people's lives, suitable for the use of microwave cooking utensils are:

1、pottery, porcelain-with a microwave oven for the use of general ceramic labels, such as casserole can be used. but it is best not to have gold, silver or a container decorated with coloured glaze.

2、high-temperature preservation film-for the use of high-temperature heat preservation film used in microwave ovens, can be used to wrap vegetables, can also be used as containers of iron jar lid to prevent water evaporation, but not directly used to package meat and fried food.

3、heat-resistant glass metal container-the most suitable for microwave oven use and heating metal cans container, good transparency, cooking food at a glance, and can directly to the table.

4、wood, bamboo and paper products-short time heating can be used, long-term heating may be due to the high temperature of the container charred, it should pay close attention to the cooking process.

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